Definitive Guide: How to go to Italy paying little

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Definitive Guide: How to go to Italy paying little

The best guide for Brazilians who want to travel to Italy, both for those who can afford it and those who do not want to spend a lot.

Important and updated from 2016/2017 he brings invaluable tips from me, Emerson Amaral.

I am Brazilian, married and for over 26 years I live in ROME and work with land tourism. This guide you just find here to download and I am updating with each new modification in the legislation, or flight tips, cheaper hotels, regional foods, I know every tourist point of Italy and Europe well, since I am a Brazilian who works and lives This in the day to day and I will help you to have the best experience in your stay in the Old World. You’ll feel like you’re at home, and I know how difficult it is to go to a place far away without knowing the language, customs, traps of smart boys who want to take advantage of tourists and even dangers that an unsuspecting tourist might face. But rest assured I will be your Trust Guide and let us together have the best trip of your life.

Download your guide here now.


Travel Tip for Italy: How to buy tickets

Travel from March to May or from September to November. The trips in the medium / low season are great because, besides being much more consider, the climate is excellent for hitting leg, since those months coincide with the spring and autumn. “Ah, but I have children / study and can only take a month off in December / January or June / July.”
It is not impossible to find promotional rates in these periods, however, it is much more difficult.
Another important tip: when making a purchase simulation on the airline site, give preference to departure dates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are always cheaper. You have to know this basic rule.

Learn more by downloading the Travel Guide for Brazilians: How to go to Italy paying little


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Travel tip for Italy: Documents

One thing you should also think about before traveling is to be careful about your documentation, here are some tips:
– Provide your passport at least one month in advance.
– Check the validity of the passport and visas.
– When receiving tickets, check the data and services requested.
– Always take a copy of your passport.
– Slight international driver’s license: even if you do not want to rent a car, you may need it.

Learn more by downloading the Travel Guide for Brazilians: How to go to Italy paying little


Travel tip for Italy: Caring for Money

– Avoid loading high-value notes. Passports are well stored in the hotel safe or at most in a guaiaca under the clothes. Take xerox and walk with the copy.
– Take one or more international credit cards and write down the numbers elsewhere.
– Traveler’s checks are safe and well accepted, but a passport or copy is required to change.
– Never carry all the money in one place.
– Swap small amounts at the airport for taxi fares, tips and then look for better exchange rates.
Attention: Port pickpockets also exist in Europe and love distracted tourists … Beware of subway stations, crowded buses, crowded shops, crowds in front of monuments, etc. If you have backpacks, stay connected. Watch out for gypsies approaching to read their luck.
Credit cards
In the event of loss of your card, have it canceled as soon as possible and then make a statement at a police station. Before traveling it’s worth noting your card number …
Local phone numbers to request cancellation:
Eurocard-Mastercard: 33 (0) 1 45 67 84 84 (

Learn more by downloading the Travel Guide for Brazilians: How to go to Italy paying little


Travel tip for Italy: Transportation

Make internal stretches of train or packages of tour companies (transfers).
Never take a taxi when you disembark at the airport or to walk around the city. I say this unless you:
A) you are in so many cases that you will not be able to carry it on your own;
B) do not worry about being stuck for hours in the traffic jams that make São Paulo jealous;
C) do not mind paying the triple, the quadruple, the quintuple – and in euros!

Learn more by downloading the Guide How to go to Italy paying little for Brazilians.


guia visitando Italia Brasileiros
guia visitando Italia Brasileiros


Travel tip for Italy: Holidays

Hosting is the second most expensive item of a trip, after transportation. That is why it is important to try to save as much in this area.
The first special tip is: the longer you stay in one place and the more people you’re traveling with you, the better chance you’ll negotiate a good rate with the hotel. So if you have a habit of traveling in a group or like to spend more than one week at a time at each destination, instead of running to make your reservation on an online booking site, contact the hotel first and negotiate directly A special rate for your trip. Save your wallet with this special tip!
Cheap hotel in Italy is really complicated, especially in cities like Rome, Venice and Florence. But, it is possible. Rome and Florence are extremely wonderful cities to rent a house or apartment. First because you will hardly spend less than a week in place. Second, because this experience brings you closer to the feeling of being a real place! Book hotels (or hostels) in the center, they may be more expensive but give you incredible time gain, unless you have the time to spend from hotel hours to sights, travel can make your trip more expensive and Frustrating experience.

Learn more by downloading the Travel Guide for Brazilians: How to go to Italy paying little.


Travel tip for Italy: Food

Easy, lunch in restaurants and dine on “picnics”.
Italy is super famous for paninis! Have you ever tried it? Choose your flavor and ensure a light, fast and cheap lunch. It’s reality!
On the eve of your trip to Italy, be sure to check out the discount coupons available for the city’s restaurants. With a little luck, you could end up at an incredible restaurant for less than half the price of the menu.
Learn more by downloading the Travel Guide for Brazilians: How to go to Italy paying little.


Travel tip for Italy: Tourism

Prefer to always have a Brazilian as a tour guide.
An excellent tip is to get to know the beauties of Italy, under the eyes of a professional and competent Brazilian guide who has anticipated contact with you even before your trip.

I am aware of the cause, because in 1994 I was a Brazilian in a fascinating and unknown land and I went through many difficulties of adaptation, and I will guide you so that you do not have to spend the same. Enjoy the guide that I made especially for you, downloading here. He will help you a lot in this endeavor towards Italy.

Count on me, Emerson Amaral to accompany you in this endeavor, to know everything about history, the best ways and secrets of Italy!

Make this your tour an unforgettable pleasure, with a Brazilian to guide you in visits to museums, tours of the cities of Italy, tour of the outlets, places and beautiful scenery, as well as a delicious gastronomic tour. Do not subject yourself to unnecessary traps and / or disasters. Feel yourself truly at home and assisted in the Ancient World.

Contact us now by the link, in the footer of the site or by whatsapp +39 335 651 5242, I will answer you personally.

Success and Peace.



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